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In the period from 2002 to 2016 Friends of Teso dispatched thirteen containers of donated goods to Teso in Central Uganda. All arrived safely.

This amazing effort by all concerned made an invaluable contribution to sustaining the most disadvantaged in Teso during a very troubled period.

Early shipments were focussed on supporting the population of nearly two million internally displaced persons that had resulted from internal conflicts and natural disasters. These numbers decreased over time, however, as people returned to rebuild their communities.

Latterly, the focus was very much more on assisting with the rebuilding the region’s infrastructure and aiding in the development of self-supporting communities.

When two representatives of Friends of Teso (Uganda) visited Soroti and Kumi in November 2015, they reassessed with our partners in Uganda the best way to offer future support.

As a result, Friends of Teso (Uganda) will no longer send shipments of donated goods, but, instead, raise funds to directly support local development projects in the Teso region.

We will be closely monitoring the success of these enterprises and look forward to providing regular bulletins on their progress.

The original pages on this site will remain as a record of what has been achieved.

This page contains information about our curent projects.


Current Projects:

We have received business plans for various projects, and initially we will be supporting:

*Two projects related to the rearing of chickens.
*A project that manufactures women’s feminine hygiene products.
*A project related to clothing manufacture.

Please  return to this page for further details of these projects, other projects and events being organised by Friends of Teso (Uganda).

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